Genome Mate Pro
A Tool for Managing DNA Comparisons

Genome Mate Pro is an app to help manage the data collected from autosomal DNA research. Data is stored locally on the user’s computer, not in the cloud or on a server. It is available for the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.
  • Multiple Profiles for multiple kits
  • Import of 23andMe, FTDNA and GedMatch data
  • Chromosome Mapping of Common Ancestors
  • Triangulation Groups
  • In Common With (ICW) Groups
  • Import of Gedcom data for each Profile
  • Surname Matching and Searching
  • Display of Overlapping Segments
  • X-List of X Chromosome Donors
Segment Map

When the most recent common ancestors (MRCA) are found for a DNA segment, these can be added to the segment map. One of the most useful functions is the the ability to look at all the matches which overlap a DNA segment across all sources (23andMe, GedMatch, FTDNA) since not everyone subscribes to all three.
Links to More Information

Download Genome Mate Pro 2017r03

Genome Mate Pro was written using the XOJO platform.  For information on what platforms are supported please see XOJO System Requirements.  Read the users guide or visit the Facebook Users group if assistance is needed on installation.  The Windows version is an installer.  Mac and Linux need to be unzipped and installed manually.  
If you have issues with the 64 bit versions, try using the 32 bit one.

Download Genome Mate Pro 2016r08

2016r08 can be downloaded here for those who are having difficulty with later releases.
Join the Facebook Users Group for additional information
Genome Mate's continued development, support and enhancements are funded by your donations.  Thank you!

Original Genome Mate (Retired and Unsupported)

The original app is being retired but is retained here while transitioning to Genome Mate Pro.  It requires that Silverlight be installed then activated. When successful, an installation button for the original app will be displayed in the box below.   
The Firefox browser seems to work best for installing the application and on the Mac the application may be found in the download folder.