Genome Mate
A Tool for Managing DNA Comparisons

Genome Mate is a desktop tool used to organize in one place the data collected while researching DNA comparisons. Besides data storage it has many features to aid in identifying common ancestors.
  • Multiple Profiles for multiple kits
  • Import of 23andMe, FTDNA and GedMatch data
  • Chromosome Mapping of Common Ancestors
  • In Common With (ICW) Groups
  • Import of Gedcom data for each Profile
  • Surname Matching and Searching
  • Display of Overlapping Segments
  • X-List of X Chromosome Donors
All of your data is stored locally on your computer. A server is used to initially download the application and to install updates as they become available.
Main Page

The main screen displays DNA comparisons sorted by chromosome and segment start/end points. These can be filtered by several means so that just the data of interest is displayed.  Data is displayed both graphically and in table format. Research notes can be added and are maintained in a database on your computer.  The application supports multiple profiles so there can be a profile for each relative tested.

When the most recent common ancestors (MRCA) are found for a DNA segment, these can be added to the chromosome map. One of the most useful functions is the the ability to look at all the matches which overlap a DNA segment across all sources (23andMe, GedMatch, FTDNA) since not everyone subscribes to all three.
Links to More Information
Genome Mate is written in Silverlight/C# so the Silverlight plugin is required.  It has been tested with the Chrome, Firefox and Internet Exployer on Microsoft Windows for data imports.  
Chrome is the recommended browser for every day use as the 529andYou addon is available and Chrome works well with downloads.

These links will give more information on what browsers and operating systems are supported by Silverlight. 
Silverlight must be installed first and must be activated before the install button is displayed in the box below. Then to install Genome Mate, click on the Install button in the box below.  
Firefox seems to work best for installing the application and on the Mac the application may be found in the download folder. 

Genome Mate's continued development, support and enhancements are funded by your donations.  Thank you!