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                About JEE


                Intelligent Equipment

                E-drive System

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                Honor Platforms

                National High-tech Enterprise

                National Corporate Technical Center

                National Innovative Pilot Enterprise

                National intellectual property advantage enterprise

                National-local Joint Engineering Research Center of Automation Equipment Technology

                Anhui Automation Equipment Engineering Research Center

                Anhui Automotive Automation Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center

                Anhui New Energy Vehicle Electric Drive System Engineering Research Center

                Anhui Corporate Technical Center

                Anhui Industrial Design Center

                R&D Projects

                1 National Key R&D Program

                1 National Science and Technology Support Program

                1 National Torch Program

                3  863 High-tech Program by Ministry of Science & technology

                4 Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Development Program by Ministry of Industry

                1 National Program to Increase Manufacturing Industry Core Competiveness

                1 National Industrial Technology Basic Public Service Platform Project

                Innovation Achievements

                1134 National Patents Applied

                550 National Patent Authorized (239 Invention Patents Authorized)

                127 Software Copyrights

                4 First Prize Awards of Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Progress

                2 Anhui Provincial Patent Gold Award

                3 Chinese Patent Award of Excellence

                4 The first major technical equipment in Anhui Province

                9 Formulate National and Industrial Standards

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