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                BIW Intelligent Connection Production Line
                Lightweight Carbody Manufacturing Solution

                Equipped with domestic-leading lightweight carbody joining technologies laboratory, JEE has developed many BIW joining technologies through years of R&D over the testing of 40,000+ pieces joining database. JEE has the track record of multiple lightweight carbody projects for OEMs both at home and abroad.

                Project reference: NIO - ES8 all-aluminum BIW Framing Line

                Closures Automatic Production Solution

                It achieves automatic production by utilizing the key process such as robot hemming, welding, arc welding, handling and sealing.

                Project reference: Great Wall – Closures,Geely DCY11

                Body Side Automatic Production Solution

                To achieve multiple models random build with turntable and fixture library changeover.
                To achieve full automation production of welding, sealing and handling with robots, APC, etc.

                Project reference: CJIR

                Framing Automatic Production Solution

                BIW high-speed and high-precision transfer via high-speed roller bed and flex pallet.
                Multi-model random production via framing technology.

                Project reference: BAIC - C40D

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