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                Intelligent Equipment

                E-drive System

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                Powertrain Intelligent A&T Production Line
                Hybrid Transmission A&T System

                The hybrid transmission assembly line with the theme of “Intelligent · Green · Quality” can be flexibly adapted to the production of multiple types of transmissions, and integrates advanced manufacturing technology of high-speed truss manipulators, automatic bolt loading, high-precision measurement and manufacturing execution systems.

                Automatic Transmission A&T System

                JEE serves the top CVT manufacturer Honda and 50% DCT companies in the industry, including Volkswagen, Getrag and Magna, etc.

                Engine A&T System

                JEE provides high quality engine assembly lines to customers with European design concept, combining with German-standard in-line measurement and error-proofing technologies, applicable to gas engine for passenger vehicles and diesel engine for commercial vehicle.

                New Energy E-drive System

                The first 240,000 sets per annum capacity passenger car E-drive assembly & test line in China.

                JEE has the technical strength and project track record to provide customized total solutions for BEV & PHEV E-drives.

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