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                Battery Intelligent A&T Production Line
                Cell Automation Processing & Test System

                To realize automatic intelligent processing of the cell, including surface inspection, weighing, thickness measuring, film coating, OCV testing, sorting and MES.

                Project reference: Nanjing Gotion cell processing project

                Module Automation A&T System

                To realize automatic intelligent assembly and test of modules, including component cleaning, component gluing, component formulation, stacking, side-panel welding, BUSBAR welding, module coding, insulation testing, EOL testing and MES as well as other functions.

                Project reference: CATL Liyang Factory Module Assembly Project  

                PACK A&T System

                To realize flexible and intelligent assembly and testing of PACK, including automatic housing on-board, automatic module entry, automatic tightening, air tightness test, EOL test, charge and discharge test, intelligent logistics and production line MES.

                Project reference: Viridi (Geely) PACK assembly project

                Fuel Cell A&T System

                China's first metal plate hydrogen fuel cell, stack and system automatic assembly & test line.

                JEE provides end users with automatic intelligent assembly and test systems for fuel cells such as metal and graphite, covering intelligent automatic production solutions for key processes of plates, stacks and stack systems.

                Project reference: MingTian hydrogen fuel cell stack and system assembly line

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