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                Intelligent Equipment

                E-drive System

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                BIW Intelligent Connection Production Line

                As the main global supplier of BIW equipment, JEE provides customers with intelligent manufacturing turnkey solutions from SE to proposal, simulation, design, project management, engineering, quality maturation, service and optimization, etc, aiming to strongly support the development and launch of better products for customers.

                Powertrain Intelligent A&T Production Line

                JEE is able to provide overall solutions for the planning, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and delivery of automated assembly line systems for automotive powertrain system and drive system, through measurement, tightening, press-fitting, logistics, testing, manufacturing execution systems and other technologies and equipment. The organic integration provides an effective guarantee for the quality of the product assembly.

                Battery Intelligent A&T Production Line

                Relying on its own high-end technology platform and years of technology accumulation, JEE is experienced with assembly, inspection, cleaning, gluing, tightening, welding and other key processes, providing customers with intelligent automation solutions on assembly & test of power battery, fuel cells, etc..

                Industrial Internet

                Using Internet+, cloud platform, Internet of Things, big data, lean production, RFID and other technologies, JEE integrates information technology with manufacturing industry to provide comprehensive solutions for enterprise intelligent manufacturing and digital factories. We aim to make unremitting efforts to achieve the goals of “Made in China 2025” and “Industry 4.0”.

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