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                About JEE


                Intelligent Equipment

                E-drive System

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                Talent and Innovation Strategy
                Bringing together the world's professional talents, upgrading innovation driving strategy
                International Talent Development Platform

                Global team to make our vision come true

                Our team members are from America, Italy, UK, France and etc. With passion, open, execution and share, we make our vision come true for future endeavors: the leading supplier of global intelligent equipment and new energy automobile electric drive system.

                Recruitment post
                Independent Innovation Platform

                Whole line planning simulation platform based on virtual manufacturing technology;

                Whole line virtual debugging platform based on intelligent manufacturing technology;

                Robot design and development platform based on industrial application standardization;

                Informatization design and development platform based on industrial intelligent production management;

                The world's leading research and development platform of lightweight vehicle body connection technology;

                Independent development platform for new energy electric drive system;

                Test and test design platform for auto parts assembly;

                International project process system.

                Innovation-driven Strategy

                JEE implements an innovation-driven development strategy, takes intelligent manufacturing as the core to create new drive for innovation and development, adheres to the "production, study, research and application", and strives to become a "world-class, domestically leading" supplier of automotive intelligent manufacturing equipment and new energy vehicle electric drive system key components.

                Career Development

                We have an experienced international workforce. The company focuses on the growth of each employee, tailors career growth plans for employees, provides extensive training resources and external communication opportunities, and is committed to creating an excellent learning organization.

                Employee Care

                Social insurance, Housing fund, Lunch allowance, Meal allowance, Annual leave and Free shuttle


                Personal value-added training, Further study, and Application skills training at home and abroad


                Festival day welfare, Marriage and birth care, Spring tour

                Bonus subsidies

                Interest-free loans for house purchase, Year-end bonus, Overtime pay and Project award

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