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                JEE Technology Participates in 2021APS 9th International Automotive Powertrain Summit and 3-in-1 E-drive System Market and Technology Summit
                Release time:2021-09-16read:70次 share

                On September 16, JEE Technology was invited to participate in the 2021 APS 9th International Automotive Powertrain Summit and 3-in-1 E-drive System Market and Technology Summit, and Dr. Jie Gu, Assistant General Manager of JEE Power (a subsidiary of JEE Technology Group), was invited to host the summit and deliver a speech. In the meeting, Dr. Jie Gu introduced the key innovative technology of JEE integrated E-drive System, the key technology of JEE system performance improvement and the key technology of JEE system NVH around the theme of "key technology innovation and development of integrated E-drive System ".


                JEE has become a leading domestic E-drive System planning, designing and manufacturing integrated one-stop delivery solution expert after years of deep plowing, and it is also an excellent partner of well-known domestic and international automobile OEMs such as Honda, Volkswagen and Guangzhou Automobile, and is well recognized by customers.



                With the rapid development of the New Energy Vehicle market, domestic E-drive System manufacturers are actively developing highly integrated E-drive System. JEE will continue to integrate and innovate in the field of new energy, develop high performance and low cost highly integrated E-drive System, and serve customers worldwide with better solutions.

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